About Us

MedProcure was founded in September of 2007 but our roots in the healthcare industry date back to 2002 when our former company was asked to develop a supplies management solution for a group of long-term care facilities based in South Carolina. From those beginnings our healthcare client list grew to the point that we made the decision to create a separate company to focus solely on this segment. Our founders had extensive backgrounds in the technology field and have applied those lessons in the founding and growth strategy for MedProcure.

All of our solutions have been built for specific customer needs. We always conduct an extensive fact finding and interview process with actual users and other stake holders to make sure we understand the underlying needs for a new application. We combine this with a firm commitment to outstanding training and customer support.

Our Core Values:

Integrity will not be compromised. Honest relationships and trust are essential to our business success. We deal fairly in all of our business relationships.

Customer Service
Our Customers are why our company exists. We work to exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs.

Community and Family
We are a part of the community. We strive to emphasize the importance of participation in the community and commitment to our own families. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit
We maintain a corporate culture that values originality, inventiveness and creativity. We nurture these qualities through openness and reverence to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
The ability to operate in an efficient and effective manner is paramount to our success. We are relentless in our attempt to improve efficiencies for our own organization as well as our customers'.

We welcome and understand that change and our ability to accept and adapt to change creates the opportunities that will make us a successful organization.


MedProcure is in the business of transforming the supply chain for Alternate site healthcare facilities.


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Support: (864) 482-2018