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Increase your savings with automation and analysis.

Acute care providers are facing a challenging environment. With declining reimbursements and ever-rising operating expenses, cutting costs from your supply chain processes is more necessary than ever. Item Analytics solutions from MedProcure bring needed automation to supplement your efforts replacing the current spread-sheet driven practices. Additional savings of 10-15% are possible. Here's how:


Item Analytics Benefits:

  • Automated Contract Analysis: Our solutions automatically analyze all available GPO and local contracts and tier options to ensure that your purchasing complies with them. Auditing and controlling prices is no longer hit-and-miss, spreadsheet-driven work. You’re even alerted to items not covered by contracts so you can take action to lock in pricing on all items.
  • Rebate Management: Rebates and share-backs offer thousands of dollars in savings opportunities every month yet many acute care providers have no idea of the actual amounts owed them. Our system tracks every dollar due to you based on your actual purchases allowing you to audit rebates paid each month.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Your comprehensive spend data is aggregated for real-time reporting—providing vital information enabling you to be proactive in the oversight of your supply chain. As purchases are reporting to the Item Analytics platform a variety of audits and analytical processes are performed. Dashboard reporting for such as items purchased without a valid contract and price discrepancies are immediately available.
  • Value Analysis Initiatives:  We help support your Value Analysis initiatives by providing you with actionable data intelligence and tools. We can even help you start your own Value Analysis program with some of the most recognized professionals in the field.
  • Item Cross Referencing: Our cross referencing tools allow you to use a single source to search for items across multiple suppliers. With our collaborative database, you can easily locate exact item matches, equivalent items, substitute items, and product dependencies.
  • Outsourcing: Do you need help due to limited staffing? We can provide all of the services you need on an outsourced model. Contract analysis, rebate tracking, and Value Analysis can be provided. Best of all, we can deliver them to you with guaranteed savings. We save you money or you pay us nothing.

Item Analytics helps increase your savings through automation and business intelligence.


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