For Distributors

MedProcure’s connectMGR portal and suppliesMGR system allow distributors to receive orders electronically while offering their customers a valuable tool to streamline and improve the accuracy of their operations.
Benefits for distributors include the following:


Flexible Electronic Trading

When your customers use suppliesMGR and connectMGR to send purchase orders to you, those orders can be delivered in practically any format you prefer, including EDI, FTP, email, or customized integration to your back-office systems. Our solutions can eliminate rekeying, phone tag, waiting for faxes… and missed orders.


Increased Market Share and Sales

Let’s face it—your customers are more likely to order supplies from their easiest source. With suppliesMGR, ordering from you can be as simple as scanning a few bar codes and clicking “send.” With that kind of convenience, your customers won’t see the need to pick up the phone and chase down orders from your competitors.


Quick Orders

Quick Orders allows your customers who do not have suppliesMGR to log on to the connectMGR portal, view their item list, and effortlessly generate an electronic purchase order, which is then delivered to you in your preferred format. Your sales force can also use this powerful tool to create orders while in the field. And for your customers who still insist on using the fax machine, connectMGR has an option for generating and emailing fax order forms.


Customized Online Advertising

Your online ads can be placed throughout the suppliesMGR system so that your customers see your message every time they log on. And ads can be customized according to the type of customer (physician office, long term care facility, or surgery center) and other criteria.


Our Product — Your Brand

You can optionally choose to brand suppliesMGR with your “private label,” allowing you to broaden your marketing programs with a customized order entry system.


Additional Revenue through our Reseller Program

MedProcure’sReseller Program pays you every time you place suppliesMGR with one of your customers. Plus, you’re paid monthly for as long as the customer uses the system. Contact us (via phone at 864-482-2027 or via email ) for more details.


Exceptional Service

MedProcure works with both you and your customers to ensure trouble-free setup—from creating customer-specific item lists to setting up communications with your back-office systems. We offer comprehensive online training, or, if you prefer, we can provide customized seminars at your location. With our online support system, you can report and track issues right from our website. We also offer telephone assistance, and will gladly come on site when needed.



The following graphic and its accompanying explanation summarize the functionality of suppliesMGR and connectMGR.




  1. suppliesMGR users (both long term care facilities and med/surg offices) view customized online ads each time they log in.
  2. Purchase orders are forwarded to the connectMGR portal from suppliesMGR users.
  3. Distributors can log on to the connectMGR portal and create a fax order form for their customers who do not have suppliesMGR. This form can be emailed to the customer or printed.
  4. Customers who do not have suppliesMGR can log on to connectMGR and enter Quick Orders.
  5. Purchase orders, whether created by suppliesMGR or entered through Quick Orders, are forwarded to each distributor in their preferred format, such as email, EDI, FTP, or custom integration with their back-office system.
  6. Distributors can optionally send purchase order confirmations back to the connectMGR portal. suppliesMGR users can log on to connectMGR to view purchase order confirmations, which highlight price and quantity changes.
  7. Distributors can log on to connectMGR to create and edit item and price lists for each customer.
  8. Price and item updates are forwarded from connectMGR to the appropriate suppliesMGR system.



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