For GPOs

ContractMGR was developed for GPOs servicing the non-acute provider. Starting with the management and analysis of item masters to locate available contracts to the on-going reporting through Item Analytics this platform can dramatically impact the service level of any GPO. 

Since most non-acute providers do not use an internal materials management system for purchasing, GPOs rely on reporting from third parties such as distributors and manufacturers for their information. Typically the reported sales include only items thought to be linked to a contract. This means they have little or no control over the timeliness and completeness of the information needed to service their members. By having a member elect to be invoiced electronically, Item Analytics can capture and analyze all purchases and as a result help the member realize greater savings and benefit through the group.

Application Highlights:

Cost Studies: Cost studies are automated through ContractMGR. They can be performed individually or in groups to increase efficiency. The application programmatically analyzes spend history against the group’s contract database reducing the time to perform cost studies while increasing accuracy. A running analysis is made to monitor progress comparing total spend matched against total items matched. Some groups save time by analyzing 80% - 90% of total spend only. 

Group Purchases Analysis: The Top 25 Unmatched Items widget provides constant feedback on aggregated usage and reports non-contract purchases in descending order of volume. Cost analysts can perform contract matches across all member locations purchasing each item. Contracting and savings opportunities can then be reported to members. 


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