For Group Practices

Group practices pose a unique challenge. Many times groups are managed as individual practices despite their collective spend volume. Groups owned or managed by IDN’s are often pushed to utilize the internal procurement solution used by the hospital. These systems are designed for a completely different environment and are typically too powerful and complex to be used by a staff member buying supplies for an individual office.

MedProcure Benefits:

  • Group analysis: We begin the process using Item Analytics to merge all purchases from all offices into a single list. From there we consolidate purchases of all exact items. Next we analyze pricing on these items so that price parity can be achieved. Many times savings of 10-15% can be seen just by achieving price parity across all locations. Further savings can be realized through item consolidation of like items. For example, a group could decide on the same 16 gauge syringe to be used across all offices.
  • Spend Management: Once a consolidated item master has been produced, groups can elect to either use the SuppliesMGR:MD platform to place orders or Item Analytics to analyze spend. Both approaches provide the feedback and reporting needed to manage spend and ensure consistent and accurate pricing.
  • Purchasing Management: The highly regarded SuppliesMGR:MD is the core solution for getting control over spend across the group. By managing a group item master control is exercised over each order placed without costly and time consuming staff oversight. Customized order rules can allow basic supply orders to flow automatically while requiring management approval for certain items or orders that are out of established limits or would put an office over their budget for the period.

By using small, simple barcode scanners staff members create orders in a fraction of the time it takes for manual orders.


MedProcure is in the business of transforming the supply chain for Alternate site healthcare facilities.


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