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SuppliesMGR™:LTC, our solution for long term care facilities, allows you to efficiently charge supplies and services to residents, automate purchasing processes, and effortlessly communicate with multiple systems and vendors. Features of SuppliesMGR:LTC include the following:

  • Flexible Tracking and Charging: SuppliesMGR:LTC simplifies the job of tracking supplies and services used by individual residents. You can quickly set up recurring charges so that you no longer waste time on continuous, repeated entries. For other charges, multiple tracking methods give you the flexibility to choose what works best for your staff. Some users print barcode “piggyback” labels to “peel and stick” each time a supply is used. Others use a handheld device to scan the barcode label of each item as it is consumed by a patient. Our most popular tool for tracking supplies is the Resident Hot Sheet. This report lists the items and services previously used by each resident. To record the use of an item, your staff simply marks the appropriate column—and that’s it. A quick barcode scan of the items marked on the report then enters the associated charges into the suppliesMGR:LTC system.
  • Customizable Export Files: Data from SuppliesMGR:LTC can be easily exported to practically any accounting package format. Our solution is device and platform independent; we configure it to meet your needs.
  • Effortless Inventory Control and Ordering: SuppliesMGR:LTC maintains an on-hand inventory quantity for each item based on purchases and item usage. The system automatically generates purchase orders for items that fall below their assigned minimum quantity, and allows you to define a “hot list” of frequently purchased items that you can optionally include on purchase orders for specified vendors. After you edit (if needed) and approve each purchase order, a simple mouse click sends it to the supplier—in the format they prefer. With SuppliesMGR:LTC, you have one system that communicates with all vendors.
  • Optional Approval Process: Your system can optionally require a designated staff member to review and approve all purchase orders before they are sent. If you have multiple locations, purchase orders from all locations can require approval from a single user before being released to your vendors.
  • Streamlined Invoice Approvals: SuppliesMGR:LTC provides you with accurate receiving reports that allow your accounting group to quickly match vendor invoices to inventory receipts and speed processing time.
  • Order Confirmations: Your vendor can optionally send you a purchase order confirmation to verify receipt of your order, as well as shipping quantities and prices. Any variances in quantity or price are highlighted in red so that you can quickly spot them.
  • Trouble-free Setup: MedProcure takes care of the installation of your system—from loading your inventory and resident lists, to setting up communications with your vendors, to creating accounting export files. And our comprehensive online training ensures that you’re fully productive, right from the start. If you prefer, we can provide customized seminars at your location.
  • Exceptional Service: MedProcure’s online support system allows you to report and track issues right from our website. We also offer telephone assistance, and will gladly come on site when needed.

ConnectMGR Portal

While the SuppliesMGR:LTC system resides on your local computer, it interfaces with MedProcure’s ConnectMGR portal. Using Internet communications, ConnectMGR allows MedProcure clients to seamlessly exchange information from diverse systems.

Each of your vendors maintains an item/price list for you on ConnectMGR, and updates to this list are automatically forwarded to your SuppliesMGR:LTC system every time you place an order. (You can also use the Update Products option to perform the update at any time.) ConnectMGR handles various other functions, such as converting purchase orders to the correct format for each vendor’s system. The following graphic illustrates how SuppliesMGR:LTC and ConnectMGR work together.



  1. suppliesMRG:LTC regularly records recurring resident charges according to your system setup.
  2. You can use the Resident Hot Sheet to record additional charges. (You can also record item usage with “piggyback” labels or by scanning each item as it is used.) When you enter charges, suppliesMGR:LTC updates patient usage and billing information and reduces onhand inventory quantities.
  3. If needed, patient usage and billing information can be exported to your accounting system.
  4. suppliesMGR:LTC generates purchase order(s) for items that fall below their minimum onhand inventory quantity. After editing and approving the purchase orders, you send them with a simple mouse click.
  5. Purchase orders are forwarded to the connectMGR portal. connectMGR sends each purchase order in each vendor’s preferred format, be it email, EDI, fax, etc.
  6. Each vendor can optionally send a purchase order confirmation back to the connectMGR portal. Your suppliesMGR:LTC system alerts you when you have a confirmation.
  7. Each time you send an order, any price or item updates are forwarded from connectMGR to your suppliesMGR:LTC system.
  8. Onhand inventory quantities are updated by purchase order receipts, which you enter in the suppliesMGR:LTC system
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