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SuppliesMGR:MD,MedProcure’s solution for physician offices and surgery centers, eliminates the hassles of writing and then phoning or faxing orders. With SuppliesMGR:MD, you create and place orders in a fraction of the time, gain greater control over your purchasing processes, and reduce ordering errors. To realize these benefits, all you need is a PC, an Internet connection—and SuppliesMGR:MD.

Just Scan, Sync, Send

To place an order using SuppliesMGR:MD, simply scan pre-printed barcode labels on the items you wish to order. These items are automatically included on a purchase order, which you can edit if needed. A simple mouse click sends the purchase order to your supplier—in the format they prefer. We call it scan, sync, send™ technology. You’ll call it effortless ordering.

Other features of SuppliesMGR:MD include:

  • Trouble-free Setup: MedProcure takes care of the installation of your system—from loading your items, to setting up communications with your vendors, and even to printing barcode labels. And, although SuppliesMGR:MD is so intuitive that little training is needed, our online lessons ensure that you’re fully productive, right from the start.
  • Purchasing Control: With suppliesMGR:MD, you determine the products that are available for purchase in your system, as well as the standard order quantity for each one.
  • Optional Approval Process: Your system can optionally require a designated staff member to review and approve all purchase orders before they are sent. If you have multiple locations, purchase orders from all locations can optionally require approval from a single user before being released to your vendors
  • Streamlined Invoice Approvals: SuppliesMGR:MD provides you with accurate receiving reports that allow your accounting group to quickly match vendor invoices to inventory receipts and speed processing time.
  • Order and Usage History: Flexible reports allow you to monitor purchases by vendor, item, or other criteria.
  • Order Confirmations: Your vendor can optionally send you a purchase order confirmation to verify receipt of your order, as well as shipping quantities and prices. Any variances in quantity or price are highlighted in red so that you can quickly spot them.
  • Exceptional Service: MedProcure’s online support system allows you to report and track issues right from our website. We also offer telephone assistance, and can easily connect to your system remotely when needed.

The ConnectMGR Portal

While the suppliesMGR:MD system resides on your local computer, it interfaces with MedProcure’s ConnectMGR portal. Using Internet communications, ConnectMGR allows MedProcure clients to seamlessly exchange information from diverse systems.

Each of your vendors maintains an item/price list for you on ConnectMGR, and updates to this list are automatically forwarded to your SuppliesMGR:MD system every time you place an order. (You can also use the Update Products option to perform the update at any time.) ConnectMGR handles various other functions, such as converting purchase orders to the correct format for each vendor’s system. The following graphic illustrates how suppliesMGR:MD and ConnectMGR work together.

  1. After you scan the items to be ordered, suppliesMGR:MD creates a purchase order for the items.
  2. When you send the purchase order, it is forwarded to the connectMGR portal. connectMGR sends the purchase order to the appropriate vendors in each vendor’s preferred format, be it email, EDI, fax, etc.
  3. Each vendor can optionally send a purchase order confirmation back to the connectMGR portal. Your suppliesMGR:MD system alerts you when you have a confirmation.
  4. Each time you send an order, any price or item updates are forwarded from connectMGR to your suppliesMGR:MD system.


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