hoolos is a one of a kind industry solution designed to provide a wide range of industry participants with a comprehensive item information and cross referencing tool. Additionally, hoolos provides a robust data communication platform, transacting EDI documents, and a wide range of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) services.

Cross Referencing

With easy to use matching tools, we leverage search technology to provide a simple way to find exact cross references between distributors, manufacturers and even private label items. You can take advantage of the community of users to find existing matches or determine your own functional equivalents and exact matches.

Item Information

We know that cross referencing items is only one piece of the pie, as a result, we allow you to maintain a wide variety of information on products in your item master. We provide tools which allow you to upload pictures, link data sheets, provide Unit Conversions, or even set up your own attributes.Set it up one time, and never have to look for the information again.

Item Dependencies

Sometimes products rely on each other to be effectively used in your facilities. Certain pumps use very specific connectors, some types of equipment need specific parts. With our dependencies functionality, you can link items that rely on each other for use.

hoolos now includes connectivity and integration solutions, available in our hoolos exchange solution.


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