Item Analytics

Once a provider is up and running on ContractMGR, we enable ongoing price compliance with our integrated e-invoicing and/or purchasing solution called ItemAnalytics. Even if a provider still wants to send their orders by fax, we enable e-invoicing from the vendor to help maintain analysis against the contracted Item Master.

Item Analytics is an innovative application designed for any healthcare provider or their GPO who wants to manage and control procurement spending. Regardless of how orders are placed with your respective vendors, the Item Analytics platform can consolidate all transactions to provide in-depth analysis and reporting. We can work with any supplier capable of sending an electronic invoice feed. There is no charge to the supplier for either set-up or on-going maintenance of the feed.

Stop Overcharges with Price Audits

The platform allows you to establish and maintain a managed item master for each vendor. Each transaction is then audited as it is received and price variances are immediately reported using our unique "red light" "green light" approach.


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