Automation and Control

Quickly browse and requisition needed supplies from all vendors on one screen. Orders are controlled by your customized product guide and priced at your contracted prices. SmartPO then creates purchase orders for each vendor separately, saving staff time and improving efficiency.

Review and Release

Real-time order reviews and approvals let you approve, deny, or place orders on hold in real-time. Customizable order rules allow for complete automation of the review and approval of orders.

Receive and Approve

Orders are marked as received by a single click. If differences are discovered between order and receipt, they are noted. Invoices are electronically received and matched against receivers to eliminate the need to route paper invoices for approvals. Price audits are automatically performed on each item. Exceptions are automatically noted and can be routed back to suppliers for corrections or clarifications.

Improve and Reduce

Improve your processes and efficiencies with Electronic invoicing. SmartPO™ audits every line on every invoice to ensure accurate pricing and contract compliance. When invoices match the receiver, they shown as matched and ready for payment. Rejected invoices are routed back to suppliers for correction or adjustment. You get increased control while saving money and increasing efficiencies.

Implement and Support

Our team will fully implement your SmartPO™ platform and train your staff using web training tools. We load your approved products with correct pricing and build any custom templates that your staff might need to speed the ordering process. Afterwards, we are just a phone call away when questions arise or you have new staff members who need training.



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